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The Hsu-nami

The Hsu-nami is an Progressive rock instrumental band from the United States. The Hsu-nami defines East meets West and has become the first Er-hu Rock Group in America. Their music features a rare contribution fusion of different genres, incorporating the use of an ''erhu'', a two-string bowed instrument that is often used in Chinese classical music and folk ensembles.

The Hsu-nami plays a variety of rock sub-styles including metal, psychedelic, prog rock, and funk. An amplified ''erhu'' takes the place of lead vocals.


The group was formed in 2005 in Mahwah, New Jersey by Jack Hsu, Brent Bergholm, Vinny Belcastro, Derril Sellers, and John Manna. The members met in the musical circle of Ramapo College, with Adam Toth joining the band shortly after. Their music consists of East-meets-West with influences of Chinese traditional music and the Western modern influence of hard rock.

On January 7, 2008, Vinny Belcastro resigned as a member of Hsu-nami - he has since formed a new band "Trust".

On May 28, 2008, the band announced their new member Tony Aichele .

The group has performed with major acts such as Yellowcard, ChthoniC, Nightmare of You, The Parlor Mob, World Leader Pretend, and Jet Lag Gemini.

They have performed for numerous festivals/conventions, including the Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans Festival, and the Passport 2 Taiwan Festival. both held at Union Square NYC. The Hsu-nami has played conventions in Pittsburg , Columbus, Ohio , and the Philadelphia area .

The group has headlined many clubs/venues such as the Stone Pony, NJ, the Mexicali Blues Cafe, New Jersey, Highline Ballroom New York, Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre, Long Island New York, the Trocadero Theatre, Pennsylvania and the closing nights at CBGB in New York City.

Also performed for organization such as Ronald McDonald House, Asian Film Festival

25 May 2008 -- The band announced their music is to be featured in the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing. Their music will be played at the basketball arena during walk-in, timeouts, halftime, and incorporated into a dunker or martial arts routine for one of the entertainment groups.

''Entering the Mandala''

The band Released their first album "Entering the Mandala", named after the closing track fo the CD. The song was inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist belief of reaching the highest level of enlightenment.
The first track of the CD, Titled "Rising of the Sun" is representing the Beijing Olympics 2008 Chinese Basketball Team.

Jim Beckerman from The Bergen Record has written a feature 08/10/08 in regard to the Hsu-nami music feature in the Beijing Summer Olympics. The story got picked up by associate press, Hsu-nami instantly received national coverage from media outlets such as, WCBS 880, 1010 wins, Fort Mill Times,,,,, NBC sports, USA Today, International Herald Tribune .

Since Hsu-nami's Music represented the Chinese basketball team and Front man Jack Hsu is Taiwanese-American, the Taiwan Organization in New York did not warmly congratulate the band for its success. This is because the global political issue of conflict between Taiwan and China regards to violating IOC rules and calling Taiwan "Taipei, China". They believe China oppresses the Taiwanese people, Tibet and many others.

The band emphasizes a positive relationship and goodwill between America and Taiwan and strives to phase away the issues involving China and Taiwan.



*Jack Hsu erhu, violin
*Brent Bergholm lead guitar
*Tony Aichele rhythm guitar
*Derril Sellers bass
*John Manna drum set


*Vinny Belcastro
*Adam Toth


Singles and compilations

*In 2006, the band released the single "Rogue Wave," on the Po Records ComPOlation Volume III a Ramapo College Based Record Label.
*In 2007 the band released single, "Mimosa," on the Po Records ComPOlation Volume IV.
*In 2008 the band released single, "Entering The Mandala" on the Po Records ComPOlation Volume V.


*On November 30, 2007 the band released their debut album, ''Entering the Mandala''.


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